With the election just weeks away, investors need to protect themselves, strategist warns

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‘The closer we get to the election, the more the focus is going to be on the election. I think there could be a surprise between here and there.’

That’s B.Riley’s Mark Grant, chief global strategist of fixed income, explaining to CNBC on Monday why he believes investors should be “taking some money off the table” ahead of what he sees as an uptick in market volatility as the election approaches.

“This is caution, it’s not saying get out of everything,” Grant said, adding that he doesn’t “trust the polls” that have Biden leading by a rather large margin. “You just have to be careful in here so you don’t get whacked by whatever the election results are going to be.” 

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Grant, who’s navigated the financial industry for four decades, said investors need to be “ready to deal with whatever’s going to come” amid the widest divide between the right and the left that he’s ever seen.

“There’s just a tremendous division between what the two parties represent and the future of the country depending upon who’s elected,” he said. “So I think in those circumstances it’s good to be cautious.”

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There wasn’t much caution among investors in Monday’s session, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average
up more than 300 points. The Nasdaq Composite
and the S&P 500
were also solidly higher.

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