When it comes to cities with high-paying jobs, one state dominates, but there’s a big catch

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More Californians may be looking out, but a new list of America’s highest-paying cities suggests they may be leaving behind cities that are brimming with high-paying jobs. Golden State cities account for half of the top 10 highest-paying cities in the US News and World Report 2021 ranking of cities with well-paying jobs. In the top 20, they accounted for 11 places.

San Francisco, in the heart of the tech industry, topped the list with 88 jobs for which pay is among the highest in the country, while nearby San José came in second with 75 jobs at that same level. Vallejo, another Bay Area city, had 29 professions, while Salinas, further south, came in with 28 jobs. Los Angeles rounded out the top 10 highest paying cities with 20 jobs. US News and World Report released the list Tuesday after reviewing information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics salary data on a variety of professions and then counting the cities that have the most jobs associated with them. The list does not say that these cities are the ones that pay the most for these roles; Instead, you’re saying they’re in the top five paying locations on average for a given line of work. The list of highest paying cities comes along with separate rankings on the best overall jobs, salary weighting, future prospects, and other factors. This year, the medical assistant topped the list of the best jobs for 2021, with an average salary of $ 112,260 and a master’s degree is required. While there are many jobs geared toward the tech industry and other clerical jobs, jobs in these cities span a variety of jobs. A San Francisco nurse practitioner can earn $ 157,150 on average, while a high school teacher earns an average of $ 93,350 and a plumber can earn $ 87,230, according to the list. Of course, physical locations to work in 2021 and beyond might not mean the same as they once did. After nearly a year of experience working remotely, some workers may find that their jobs are less tied to a physical office or have been eliminated entirely. Note that the list includes average salaries for some jobs that are $ 50,000 or less, which could be difficult to live in high-cost places like San Francisco. For example, the list includes a paraprofessional, who has an average salary of $ 38,030. In reality, people who work in higher-income jobs may also find it too expensive to live in California, with its high costs of living and relatively higher state income taxes. Opinion: How California Can Stop Silicon Valley’s Big Tech Stampede The most populous state’s employee count increased to 39.78 million people in July 2020, but the net addition of 21,200 people was a record rate, said the California Department of Finance last month. The 0.05 growth rate, a decrease of 0.23 in the previous 12 months, occurred due to the decline in the birth rate, more deaths during the still-rising pandemic, and departures from the state. Even before 2020, many Californians were leaving the state, with housing costs playing the part. California may be the place for a slew of jobs, but this year’s real estate data suggests that it will also be a hot housing market (which won’t do much to cut living costs). Four of the top 10 real estate markets for 2021, based on projected home sales and price growth, are in California. San Jose ranked second on the Realtor.com list, just as it did on the US News and World Report list.