What’s next after stock market bubbles and Archegos chaos punctuate Q1 trading?

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MARKETWATCH HOME PAGE Will the scandalous first three months of 2021 give way to increased spark in market segments, occluded trading channels, hair-raising increases in borrowing costs driven by high bond yields and outright hunger? to get rich quick in the next three months of the year? See the full story. Here’s How You Can Save Money On Capital Gains Tax When You Sell Your Home “My will gives my wife my home. When she sells after I die, how will her cost basis be determined?” See the full story.

These infrastructure stocks could rise as much as 41% in one year under Biden‘s massive spending plan, analysts say. The president released details of his “Build Back Better” plan on Wednesday, which includes $ 2 trillion for infrastructure spending across the country. Nine SPACs with big bucks and bigwigs behind them, and what Founders Fund’s Peter Thiel, Altimeter’s Brad Gerstner, and Guggenheim’s Todd Boehly might soon be buying are connected to some of the most talked about special-purpose acquisitions companies. See the full story How 6 Feet Became 3: Meet an ER Doctor Behind Research Showing Children Are Still Safe at School with New Social Distancing Standard Dr. Elissa Schechter-Perkins is a physician from the emergency room at Boston Medical Center. She is also one of the authors of a study that indicates that three feet of space is as safe for students as six feet of distance as long as they are masked. See the full story. MARKETWATCH PERSONAL FINANCE Reducing spending in three common budget categories can significantly increase your ability to save money. See the full story.