Weekend Readings: 7 Charts Show How COVID Transformed Everyday Life


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The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone, but each of us is limited to our own experiences. Looks at the pandemic tend to focus on the number of cases, but many other things have changed. In just seven charts, MarketWatch summarizes how the coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the economy, our work lives, and our jobs. A “code red” warning for the stock market Many experts are selling their shares, even in companies with excellent numbers, writes Michael Brush. More about the stock market:

Tracking Reddit Rumors Conversations between traders on Reddit’s WallStreetBets message board fueled recent short contractions in shares of GameStop GME, + 19.20%, Bed Bath & Beyond BBBY, -1.74%, American Entertainment AMC, – 3.67% and other companies. What if an analysis of the online chatter of traders can give other traders, or even investors, an edge in the market? Mark DeCabre interviewed Boris Spiwak, chief marketing officer for Thinknum, which offers a new service to collect and analyze new data. More on the Fallout from Reddit and WallStreetBets: Short Sellers Were Backing Out Even Before Reddit’s GameStop Squeeze Why Does WallStreetBets Talk About GameStop Probably Look Like Free Speech Super Bowl Ready? If you’re just looking at the commercials, MarketWatch has you covered here. Also: the Bucs, not the Chiefs, will win one for the bulls if the Super Bowl indicator is correct. Bitcoin or gold? Bitcoin BTCUSD, + 8.24% is up 30% this year, and is being driven primarily by young men, which may indicate “investor overconfidence” in the cryptocurrency, according to research cited by Lisa Kramer, professor of finance at the University. from Toronto. Investors may now have another shot at GC00 gold, + 0.12%, following its price drop, according to Mark Hulbert. Gold or bitcoin? An investor who owns both weighs more. More about crypto:

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Amazon.com founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Photo illustration by MarketWatch / Getty Images

A new era for Amazon Online retail giant Amazon AMZN, + 0.63% is about to get its second CEO. Here’s what you need to know about Andy Jassy, ​​who will succeed Jeff Bezos. Bezos has been excellent for investors, as this chart of the stock price vs. the S&P 500 SPX shows, + 0.39%. Critics say Bezos is showing a great moment by leaving just as politicians and lawyers threaten to take away the fun. More on Amazon: An online will can save you money, but look at the details. CD Moriarty suggests asking yourself these three questions before creating a will online or consulting with an estate planning attorney.

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Losing a spouse is bad enough – here’s what’s going to happen to your taxes Mike Piper shares tips for couples to adjust their retirement accounts so the survivor doesn’t face a higher tax rate. Read on: 37 States Don’t Tax Your Social Security Benefits – Make it 38 in 2022

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Curtains for Robinhood? The elimination of commissions by brokerages has helped attract many more individual investors to the stock market. But brokers still need to make money. For Robinhood, whose clients temporarily raised the prices of various stocks short, the business line critical to revenue is called pay-per-flow. Chris Matthews explains what pay per order flow is and why regulators might reduce or even ban it. Related: Pushing stock prices to the moon may hurt America

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How to hide from prying eyes online Jurica Dujmovic explains the dangers of maintaining an online presence and how to keep a secret digital identity. BlackRock Inc. BLK, -0.84% ​​is the world’s largest money manager, and CEO Larry Fink has asked the companies he invests in to share their plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The company can vote against the management teams of companies that do not comply or even sell their shares in those companies. This suits some ESG advocates, but others think BlackRock is moving too slow. Want more from MarketWatch? Sign up for this and other newsletters and get the latest news, personal finance, and investment advice.