US and EU prepare new rounds of sanctions against Russia


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European Union ministers have agreed to take further economic action against those responsible for human rights abuses against dissident Alexei Navalny, as the US administration is preparing sanctions against Russia for the SolarWinds attack. According to US officials quoted by the Financial Times, the Biden administration is preparing measures “that will go beyond sanctions” against the Russian regime. The cyber espionage campaign against the United States that was revealed last year affected nine federal agencies and dozens of companies, and may have been the work of “at least 1,000 engineers,” the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence heard on Tuesday. a testimony. US officials have said the cyber attacks were likely of Russian origin, and Russia has denied any involvement. EU foreign ministers agreed on Monday to impose economic sanctions on four senior Russian officials close to President Vladimir Putin for the poisoning and subsequent imprisonment of Putin’s opponent, Alexei Navalny, and the repression of his allies, using the recently defined powers. by the so-called Magnitsky Law. Measures to be defined in the coming days could include asset freezes and travel bans. Capitol Report: Russia Assigned Over 1,000 Expert Engineers To Execute SolarWinds Hack, Says Microsoft Executive