This is where Biden sits on the key goals at his 100-day mark.

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Hundreds of millions of gun shots? Check. A minimum wage of $ 15? Stuck. Increase taxes on corporations? A work in progress. As Joe Biden prepares to celebrate his 100th day in office later this week, the 46th president can pinpoint a number of accomplished goals, along with many items left on his to-do list. It met its first COVID-19 vaccination goal of 100 million injections in its first 100 days more than 40 days in advance, and then achieved a double goal of 200 million injections, with more than a week to spare.

Read: Biden rolls out corporate tax credits to encourage paid time off for vaccines as goal of 200 million vaccines was achieved. He stopped the construction of his predecessor Donald Trump‘s border wall and extended economic aid to millions of Americans. Now see: Border wall receives no new money in Biden’s budget, reversing Trump’s policy.But other key priorities, such as a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants and an assault weapons ban, remain unfulfilled. See: ‘Enough of prayers. Time to Act ”: Biden Announces Steps on Gun Control Biden’s 100th day in office, counting Inauguration Day as the first day of his presidency, will be Thursday, the day after his scheduled speech to a joint session of Congress. By Friday you will have completed your first 100 full days as commander-in-chief. Here are some of the president’s key goals and where he stands to achieve them. Goal status of 100 million COVID vaccine injections in 100 days. Met and exceeded. ‘Immediate relief’ for Americans. It was fulfilled, in the form of stimulus controls. Expand the moratorium on foreclosures. Completed, extended again until June 30. Stop the construction of the border wall. Met. Host of the climate summit. Met. Raise the minimum wage to $ 15. Stuck. Increase the corporate tax rate. Proposed. Open most K-8 schools. In progress. Path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants. Proposed. Universal Gun Background Check, Assault Weapon Ban. Proposed.