‘This is a non-partisan issue’: Black executives urge companies to fight restrictive voting laws

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Dozens of prominent black executives called on corporations to fight Republican-led legislation that they said would limit voting access for black voters in numerous states, and the CEO of Delta Air Lines Inc., + 0.77 %, publicly clashed with the governor of Georgia over a similar law. I passed there last week. The efforts of black business leaders, as well as new statements from Delta, Coca-Cola Co. KO, + 0.19% and other companies on Wednesday, come after civil rights advocates had said for days that corporations Georgia-based companies hadn’t done enough. to reject that new state voting law.

Opponents say the new voting rules will make it difficult for voters from underrepresented communities to cast their votes, while supporters say the rules are necessary to preserve the integrity of the elections. Although Delta, Coca-Cola, and other Atlanta-based corporations had said they had worked behind the scenes to pressure Georgia lawmakers to make changes to the legislation, they had largely refrained from publicly criticizing it, prompting calls from boycott of some activists for the right to vote. . An expanded version of this article appears on WSJ.com. WSJ.com Popular Stories: