These are the most important monetary goals MarketWatch readers say they have right now

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This week, MarketWatch launched its first money challenge to help people clean up their finances by focusing on manageable tasks. To start the challenge, we’ll go back to basics by helping people control their financial situation.

Even these relatively simple steps can help you set yourself up for success. As we began this journey together, MarketWatch took to Instagram to ask: What do you want to accomplish with this month-long challenge? “I need ideas! Saving for nothing! “A shared person. Well, you have come to the right place. It was encouraging to see that many people are thinking long term with retirement goals. One of our suggested tasks for the week is to review your retirement accounts, if you have them. If not you’re sure how much you should contribute, plug your current contribution into a retirement calculator, like this one from MarketWatch. Here’s what people shared: “Simple equation to calculate how much I need to retire (I’m afraid of running out of savings)” “Create a legacy: think about my grandchildren and more “” Retire in a decade “Others are focused on paying off debt.” Pay off my debt “” Get rid of debt and reduce monthly income output “Improving investment skills also seems to be a Common goal among MarketWatch followers: “Invest some money in a startup that has a social impact” “Keep investing until you finally have multiple sources of income and retire” “I Investing Extra Money to Buy a Weekend Vehicle ”“ Scaling Wealth ”And finally, many people hope to use their new money skills to live more comfortably. “Live in a bungalow on the beach in California” “Travel” “Buy an apartment” “Save to buy a house” Whether your goal is to find a job, start an emergency savings fund, save for college or insurance If you have enough money to retire, we hope the MarketWatch Money Challenge will help you manage your financial situation, learn why you act the way you do money, set a goal, and take action to achieve it. We’ll be releasing each week’s theme, along with related tasks, on our Instagram account and in our daily personal finance newsletter, as well as here: The MarketWatch Money Challenge will help you clean up your finances. You can sign up here to receive weekly challenges delivered to your inbox.