The Nautilus stock increases 29% on the strong forecast after pandemic

<p>Nautilus (NYSE: NLS) stock rises on Monday as analysts have strong expectations of the home training company.

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The general consensus among analysts is that Nautilus is working for a recovery that could lead to a strong development for 2020. It includes losses per share of -35 cents on revenue of $ 334 million.

It is worth noting that the previous consensus from analysts was not so positive. This was seen by the four who covered the Nautilus share and expected losses of -49 cents on revenue of $ 298 million, reports Yahoo Finance.

Another news that is worth noting is a new consensus price target for NLS shares. This has analysts expecting an average price target of $ 4.75 per share. By comparison, it is 26.67% higher than the closing price of $ 3.75 on Friday.

The estimates and price target for the Nautilus share make sense. The company recently announced some preliminary results for the first quarter of 2020. It includes direct segment revenue of $ 47 million and retail revenue of $ 46 million.

Nautilus says that the strong development during the quarter is due to more customers placing orders for home training equipment. It makes sense with coronavirus from chain spread. Locking orders keep people away from gyms and other public places. To get around that, more people are ordering equipment so that they can stick to their routines during the pandemic.

Nautilus also warns that even if the movement is positive during Q1, it does not mean that it will continue into this year’s test.

The NLS share increased by 29.07% as of Monday afternoon.

At the time of writing, William White had no position in any of the above securities.