The IRS says teachers can deduct the costs of hand sanitizer and how Dolly Parton’s Super Bowl ad overlooks the reality of millions of workers.

The OECD warns a second virus wave is as likely as not — here’s what that would do to the economic recovery

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Happy Friday MarketWatchers. Don’t Miss These Featured Stories: Jon Bon Jovi Finally Prizes His New Jersey Mansion – Available For $ 20 Million Rocker Jon Bon Jovi has put his New Jersey property back up for sale. Now it comes with an important piece of information for potential buyers: a price. My sister put our mother in a nursing home, where she died of COVID-19. Should I take legal action against her or the nursing home? “This facility already had several COVID deaths in the early spring, and they scored terrible with the state for the entire year.”

Weekend Reads: 7 Charts Show How COVID Transformed Everyday Life Plus: Super Bowl Ads, WallStreetBets, and Free Speech, and Which States Don’t Tax Social Security Is This Tampa Made Beer Tom’s Favorite Sip Brady? Jai Alai IPA is the star of the Cigar City Brewing lineup. 3 ways the Jeff Bezos-era Amazon helped and hurt American workers and consumers 72% of consumers said they expected more from other retailers because of Amazon, showed a survey. not enough to survive anymore ”: Dolly Parton’s Super Bowl ad overlooks the reality of millions of concert workers, critics say that “ most concert workers are forced to participate in the economy concert not to fund an exciting project, but to keep food on the market. ” Cherri Murphy, Lyft Driver, IRS told teachers: Go ahead, pay off your mask and hand sanitizer costs Teachers can deduct up to $ 250 for unreimbursed expenses. 2021 Hyundai Elantra vs 2021 Honda Civic, which is better? The redesigned 2021 Hyundai Elantra takes on the well-established 2021 Honda Civic in the compact car category. Let’s see how they compare. Elsewhere on MarketWatchFeb. February 16 is the next big day for Biden‘s economic plan. The quarantine of 19 hotels in high-risk countries will begin in the UK from February 15. The quarantine plan will affect UK residents and citizens traveling from 33 countries with hotspots, who cannot be denied the entrance, the government said. The rumor on Twitter that Mike Lindell’s film MyPillow CEO released a three-hour video detailing his unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud Individual Investors Are Back: Here’s What It Means For The Stock Market The Battle Between Traders Newspapers and shorts on GameStop dominated the headlines, but the bigger question for investors of all stripes is what the resurgence of retail means for the stock market as the major benchmarks march toward all-time highs. ‘Over Confidence’: Why Most Men Under 30 Trade Bitcoins Now, the WallStreetBets and GameStop frenzy is starting to fade. As a result, financial markets should be reminded that the longest running retail investment craze in recent months has centered on bitcoin. The United States gains only 49,000 jobs in January. Labor market still under severe strain The US regained a meager 49,000 jobs in January and the unemployment rate fell again to 6.3%, but the economy is still struggling to recover after a record surge in the coronavirus lead to more layoffs late last year.