The IRS says it has finished sending stimulus checks for now; here’s how to get your money if you were eligible and lost

The OECD warns a second virus wave is as likely as not — here’s what that would do to the economic recovery

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MARKETWATCH HOME PAGE The IRS issued more than 307 million direct payments worth a combined $ 412 billion during the first and second rounds of stimulus controls. Rick Perry says Texans would rather go without power than give the federal government more power over them The former US secretary of energy and former governor of Texas was speaking ‘partly rhetorically,’ said the minority leader of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy. See the full story.

Biden, Labor Leaders Discuss Coronavirus Aid, Infrastructure At the White House meeting with President Joe Biden on Wednesday discussed his coronavirus aid package and infrastructure with labor leaders, continuing the momentum of two of your main agenda items. We were ‘dangerously close’ to the collapse of the ‘whole system’, says Interactive Brokers founder before GameStop hears Thomas Peterffy, founder and president of Interactive Brokers Group Inc., explain Wednesday the dire situation he was in. the market. in late January, when individual investors on social media platforms banded together to bring a handful of shorted stocks up dramatically. Bitcoin could hit $ 250,000 if US companies choose to do this, says Cathie Wood Cathie Wood, CEO of ARK Invest and manager of the popular exchange-traded fund ARK Innovation, says that a single bitcoin could be valued at $ 200,000. more than its current price if more corporations add the cryptocurrency to their balance sheets. See the full story MARKETWATCH PERSONAL FINANCE ‘While builders have made significant progress in the winter months, more is needed to bridge the gap between supply and demand.’ See the full story.