The Fed stands by as house prices rise, but here’s what could get in the way

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MARKETWATCH HOME PAGE House prices are on fire, what could get in the way? Investors still keep their cash levels high, but this is what draws them to stocks, says UBS. Investors have kept their cash stacks high during the pandemic, according to a UBS survey. But their optimism about the economy has increased in the last three months and this is where they are now considering investing. See the full story.

Biden‘s first big speech to Congress is tonight. This is what to expect. Just in time for Joe Biden’s 100-day mark as president, the commanding officer is set to deliver his first big speech to Congress on Wednesday night. But don’t call it State of the Union. Intel’s data center customers may be ‘digesting’, but AMD‘s buffet is wide open Advanced Micro Devices Inc.’s data center business has none of the digestion issues Intel discussed last week last, which leaves investors with the obvious conclusion. Google ad sales push Alphabet’s earnings to record, stocks heading for a new record The search engine giant reported net income of $ 17.93 billion, or $ 26.29 per share in its first fiscal quarter, compared to net income of $ 6.84 billion, or $ 9.87 a share, in the prior-year quarter. See the full story MARKETWATCH PERSONAL FINANCE ‘Now claims you are entitled to half the value of the house.’ See the full story.