The Countdown: Biden and Trump’s GSOH

4 .. “By the way, so far, I really respect the way he’s handling this. I have to say it,” Trump told Kristen Welker, the second black woman to host a presidential debate and many agreed She’s out. with a victory.

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Abraham Lincoln got into the joke

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Then Abraham Lincoln came back up.

Donald Trump repeated his claim that he has done more for blacks than any other American president, with the possible exception of Lincoln, the man who abolished slavery.

Joe Biden found that difficult to accept, and with a mouthful of sarcasm said: “Abraham Lincoln is one of the most racist presidents we have had in modern history.”

He then criticized Trump’s rhetoric and his inability to condemn far-right groups.

When asked to respond, Trump seemed confused: “He made a reference to Abraham Lincoln, where did that come in?” he said. Finally he clarified: “I did not say ‘I am Abraham Lincoln’, I said, ‘Not since Abraham Lincoln'”.

If there was a viral moment in this otherwise routine debate, it was this, as it was difficult for people to know whether Trump took Biden’s sarcasm literally.

Trump brings a lot to Lincoln (Republican). He justifies it by citing his own record on criminal justice reform and the economy, but critics will point to Lyndon B Johnson, for example, who signed the Civil Rights and Voting Laws.

A popular meme suggests that Abraham Lincoln himself might not want to be a part of this.

Trump also tells jokes

None of this means that Trump doesn’t like jokes. His rallies have been full of quasi-stand-up routines, recounting anecdotes of knowledge about the liberal worldview, which his audience loves.

This piece by Vox places him in the tradition of the “insulting comedian”, with his nicknames for rivals like Sleepy Joe and Crooked Hilary. We have this video asking if he would be a good comedian.

He has often accused the media of not appreciating his sense of humor. But there is also another side, as some commenters argue that he defends the ambiguous comments as jokes. A CNN reporter notes that Trump was not “kidding” (as he said last night) when he suggested injecting himself with bleach to fight the virus.

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