The cost of the National Guard mission to protect the US Capitol is estimated at $ 483 million


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The deployment of National Guard troops to the U.S. Capitol, which a pro-Trump mob stormed last month, will cost about $ 483 million, the government estimated Monday. The figure covers deployment through March 15 and corresponds mainly to personnel costs, according to John Kirby, the Pentagon’s press secretary. He told reporters in a briefing on Monday that staff accounts for about $ 284 million of the total, while $ 199 million is for operations.

Former President Donald Trump faces a second impeachment trial in the Senate this week as Democrats accuse him of inspiring the mob. Trump’s lawyers deny that he incited the January 6 riots. See: Trump’s Second Impeachment – How to Look at It More than 5,000 National Guard soldiers are expected to remain in Washington through mid-March, after 25,000 troops were brought into the city to help secure it during the president’s inauguration Joe Biden.