The chairman of the New York Stock Exchange says the stock market is not a casino. This is what academic research says.

The OECD warns a second virus wave is as likely as not — here’s what that would do to the economic recovery

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MARKETWATCH HOME PAGE With the wild moves in stocks at GameStop and AMC Entertainment, or cannabis makers last week, it‘s not illogical to think of the stock market as a casino. This is what academic research finds. See the full story. A Roman goddess inspired this couple to leave Seattle and retire to Italy, where they can live on $ 3,000 a month. The pros and cons of living in the Marche region of Italy. Oil futures hit a 13-month high as global stocks rally with U.S. markets closed The rally in commodities, which some say is the start of a supercycle, continued Monday, boosting resource stocks on the Monday. See the full story.

Pelosi says censorship is not a substitute for impeachment after Trump‘s second acquittal in the Senate. According to a new poll, fifty-eight percent of Americans believe Trump should have been found guilty of inciting the January 6 riots in the US Capitol, after 57% of senators voted in favor. . condemn. See the full story. ‘If the major Dogecoin holders sell most of their coins, they will get my full support’ – Elon Musk The price of the cryptocurrency, which was on the verge of $ 50,000 over the weekend, rebounded to start the week. See the full story. MARKETWATCH PERSONAL FINANCE The long-term impacts of the shift to e-learning are unknown, say the Georgetown researchers. See the full story.