The Biggest Money Goals MarketWatch Readers Have Right Now and 5 Financial Habits Worth Maintaining Post-Pandemic

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Good evening, MarketWatchers! Our first money challenge runs throughout the month! Look for a challenge every Monday in April in your inbox. Follow us on Instagram for more updates and let us know your money goals. Now for today’s top personal finance stories:

My wife’s father left her a house and money in a trust. This subsidizes our lifestyle. What happens to me if she dies? “I am concerned that if something happened, his sisters might try to claim it as family property and say I have no right to it.” Read more My second husband, 86 years old, and I have 12 children between us. He wants me to leave everything to him, and he will pass the inheritance to my 5 children. ‘He wants to leave the house to his children, but says that if I survive him I can live in it or rent somewhere if I want to move. Read moreI am a farmer in my 30s and live a frugal lifestyle. My son has a disability. Should I pay more on my mortgage or save for retirement? “He has a disability that probably means that he will live with us for our entire lives.” Read more My second husband does not get along with my son. I brought most of the wealth to our marriage. How do I divide my assets? “ My husband is more interested in dipping into our savings and living it into retirement while we are young enough to enjoy it. ” Read more Will you vaccinate your children against COVID-19 once they are eligible? Only half of American parents say yes. “Parents need more education and information to feel comfortable before deciding to vaccinate their children.” Read moreThese are the biggest money goals MarketWatch readers say they have right now This week, we launched our first money challenge to help people clean up their finances by focusing on manageable tasks. Read more ‘This is not the time to decrease our efforts’: Americans’ fear of COVID-19 falls to the lowest level since April 2020 Most Americans believe that the COVID-19 situation in the United States is improving , despite the evidence of the increase in cases. Read more Tastefully redesigned Jaguar F-Pace offers new engine options and an upgraded interior The compact four-wheel drive SUV is a head-turning with sporty manners and an interior that blends old English charm with modern technology. Read more5 Financial Habits Worth Maintaining After the Pandemic Here are some habits to consider following even as life begins to return to normal. Home Remodeling Trends: What’s Hot and Out for 2021 Patios are being transformed and walls are being repainted in the latest colors, but demand and safety concerns may cause the remodeling process be much longer. read more