Tax traps cost the US more than previously thought, the Biden administration to restore fair housing policies dismantled under Trump

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My mother is dying of cancer. Her husband said that he would leave everything to me and my brothers. When is a good time to ask about your will? “Obviously, I don’t want to sound greedy, but I feel like this is important information for me and the rest of my family.” Read moreMy fiancee’s mother asked us to raise her 2 children as we live in a good school district and she has a gambling addiction; then he claimed his stimulus checks’ I advised him to put the money down as the IRS might eventually ask for it back. Her new boyfriend then quickly told her to pick it up anyway. ‘ Read moreFauci warns of the spread of COVID-19 in youth sports, and parents call for better application of virus protocols ‘Our survey suggests that parents will need more instructions on whether, when and where their child should be tested’ . Read moreTax traps cost the US more than previously thought, and Bitcoin is part of the problem, says IRS commissioner: ‘They outnumber us,’ said IRS commissioner Charles Rettig at a hearing on the Senate Finance Committee. Read more My parents made my sister the executor of their $ 4 million estate and co-owner of their bank accounts. Should I be worried? “We have five other siblings who are currently unaware of this arrangement.” Read more My husband signed for a car for a friend, against my wishes. We now receive notices of unpaid tolls and parking fines. What if there is an accident? “Every time another ‘overdue’ envelope arrives, I panic at the thought that the savings I worked so hard to save for might just disappear in an accident.” Read more The Biden administration to reinstate fair housing policies dismantled under Trump, including one aimed at combating residential segregation The Department of Housing and Urban Development has submitted drafts of two fair housing rules for review. Read morePaid family leave in New York ‘doesn’t seem to hurt employers,’ according to a new study, ‘The good news here is that [these policies] it doesn’t seem to be expensive, ”says a study co-author. Read more Who was flying last year during COVID-19? Lots of people carry guns, according to the TSA “We are here to remind you that firearms, replica weapons and air pistols are NOT allowed in your carry-on bag,” said the Transportation Security Administration. read more