Target and Tractor Supply join the list of companies that pay workers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine


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Target Corp. TGT, -0.95% said Wednesday that it would offer its workers who choose to receive a COVID-19 vaccine up to four hours of pay and Lyft Inc. LYFT free, + 4.79% trips up to $ 15 each way to a site of vaccination The four hours will cover both doses, two hours per dose. Target has a partnership with CVS Health CVS, + 0.46%, so CVS has 1,700 Target store locations.

The Biden administration announced last week that it would expand access to pharmacies across the country. Target says it will evaluate whether those CVS locations will be able to provide access to vaccines to workers and guests at some point. Tractor Supply Co. TSCO, -1.29% also said Wednesday that it would offer workers a one-time payment of $ 50 and all the time needed to receive the COVID vaccine. The company has also partnered with a third party to provide access at its eight distribution centers and store support centers, when that option is available. Tractor Supply notes that workers are not required to receive the vaccine. See: Instacart, Trader Joe’s, Dollar General financial incentive plan to encourage workers to get vaccinated And on Thursday, Petco Health & Wellness Co. WOOF, -1.80% said it would offer a one-time payment of $ 75 to workers who choose the coronavirus vaccine. The company will also donate $ 25 to the Petco Partner Assistance Fund for each staff member who is fully vaccinated. The fund provides financial assistance to employees in need, with $ 1.3 million administered since March 2020. Several retailers have announced that they will pay workers who choose to get vaccinated, including Kroger Co. KR, Dollar General Inc. DG and grocer. Merchant Joe. The new data suggests that black Americans will have to travel further than whites to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, which poses transportation barriers. “It is very important that black Americans get the vaccine, and we must make it easier for them to get it, not harder,” Lucas Berenbrok, an assistant professor at the Pitt College of Pharmacy, told MarketWatch during a discussion about the study. . Also: African Americans are more likely to travel further to receive COVID-19 vaccines. Target also recently announced that it will invest $ 200 million in worker bonuses. The retailer, like many others, has given its front-line employees a number of bonuses over the past year. Target stocks have recovered 65% over the past year. Tractor Supply shares have gained 60.4%. The benchmark S&P 500 SPX index, -0.03%, was up 16.4% over the period.