Stock-market bulls are counting on the consumer staying strong — should they?


Bulls are convinced the American consumer — and the stock market — are going to be fine, even if politicians fail to approve another round of fiscal stimulus before next month’s elections. But some economists see consumption taking a big hit after a robust third quarter. See full story.

How a contested election in key states could send the U.S. into a constitutional crisis

What you need to know now about the prospect of a contested election. See full story.

Here are five stocks to own for the 5G network buildout

Apple is making 5G phones, underscoring expectations for a vast increase in broadband demand. See full story.

How did Intel lose its Silicon Valley crown?

Intel Corp., Silicon Valley’s largest chip maker, is still the dominant provider of chips for personal computers and servers, but its reign as the king of manufacturing in the industry is now over. See full story.

Why California’s unemployment system devolved into chaos during pandemic

A new report examines the failures of California’s Employment Development Department to help residents obtain their unemployment benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic. See full story.


Also, a new way to have fun shopping with your friends online, stocks for a post-election rally and training quickly for a new career. See full story.

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