Social Distancing 2020: 6 ‘free’ quarantine activities to pass the time

<p>Social distancing in 2020 can sometimes be boring, but there are still ways for people to entertain themselves.

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With many people out of work due to suspensions due to the coronavirus from China, it may not be possible to spend extra money on good looks right now. If so, feel free to check out this list of board games to play during Social Distancing 2020.

For anyone else who is still struggling financially, there are free ways to kill time. Check out the following gallery for some examples of what you can do without a budget under quarantine.

“Free” quarantine activities to pass the time – digital zoos

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Checking out wildlife digitally may not be as exciting as visiting a zoo in real life, but it’s still an option. There are plenty of zoos that allow virtual visitors during social distancing 2020. So go ahead and take advantage of it!

“Free” quarantine activities that pass the time – free concerts

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Concerts are fantastic, but unfortunately they do not work so well with social distances 2020 in full effect. Fortunately, many musicians offer free online concerts to entertain people involved in self-isolation.

“Free” quarantine activities to pass the time – free Ivy League classes

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Learning a new skill is a great way to pass the time and can even lead to a new career. Many Ivy League schools agree and offer free online courses. There are a total of 450 available, which are many options to choose from.

“Free” quarantine activities that pass the time – free training online

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No one wants to gain extra weight during social distances in 2020, and they do not have to! Many gyms, such as Planet Fitness, offer free workouts online. Chris Hemsworth also offers his own free quarantined training videos.

“Free” quarantine activities to pass the time – Virtual Dance Party

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Okay, this may sound a little weird, but just listen for a second. Virtual dance parties are one thing now and why not? Maybe it’s not fun to go out to the club, but at least it does not carry the risk of coronavirus, right?

“Free” quarantine activities to pass the time – free apps

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Killing time on free apps is far from something new. People have done this long before social distances in 2020. Still, there are still many options out there that can help people during their self-isolation.

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