‘SNL’ Cast Members Criticize Elon Musk’s Upcoming Appearance On Now-Deleted Instagram Stories

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Some “Saturday Night Live” cast members aren’t laughing at Elon Musk’s upcoming host concert. The news that the controversial Tesla TSLA, -4.05% CEO will be running NBC’s live comedy show on May 8 has generated a variety of reactions in recent days.

And it seems that some of the stars are confused or downright critical about sharing the stage with one of the richest people in the world, who has been denounced for online harassment, downplaying the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as clashing with it Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) repeatedly. Read more: Elon Musk will host ‘SNL’ next month, but some critics say it’s not funny. Bowen Yang and Andrew Dismukes shared posts on their Instagram stories Sunday that made fun of the guest star. It should be noted that images and videos posted as an Instagram “story” disappear after 24 hours, unless the poster chooses to highlight them. So only the screenshots of these original posts remain. Yang had posted a screenshot of Musk’s tweet, “Let’s find out how alive ‘Saturday Night Live’ really is,” and below he wrote: “What the heck does this mean?” And Dismukes posted a photo of former “SNL” star Cheri Oteri on her Instagram Stories, along with the caption, “ONLY THE CEO I WANT TO SKETCH WITH IS Cher-E Oteri.” Aidy Bryant appeared to take a more subtle punch, however, sharing a March 25 Instagram post from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders that read: “The 50 richest people in America today own more wealth than the bottom half of our people. . … That’s moral obscenity. ”Considering he shared this post from a month ago after Musk’s guest appearance was announced, and the Tesla billionaire is the second-richest person in the world, according to the Index. of Bloomberg billionaires, or the third richest if you follow Forbes, many of his followers have interpreted this as an excavation against Musk. “SNL” writer Sudi Green also shared Sanders’ post. Related: Here’s the monologue from Elon Musk’s opening ‘SNL’ (drafted by the SEC), “SNL” received similar criticism in 2015 when it invited then-presidential candidate Donald Trump to host. Former cast member Taran Killam called the move “embarrassing and embarrassing.” at that moment.