Saving for retirement? Here are four key lessons

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MARKETWATCH HOME PAGE Patience, luck and how much you save all play a role See the full story. My second husband, 86, and I have 12 children between us. He wants me to leave everything to him, and he will pass the inheritance to my 5 children. ‘He wants to leave the house to his children, but says that if I survive him I can live in it or rent somewhere if I want to move. See the full story.

US stocks will continue to outperform alternatives The intensification of COVID-19 vaccines, huge fiscal stimulus and a rapid economic recovery give US equity markets a huge advantage over developed and emerging markets. See the full story. GameStop: The Unfailing Unbelievable Action Even the news that a new share offering will dilute the share price can’t curb the enthusiasm of GME’s Reddit army to squeeze the shorts. See the full story Home Remodeling Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Out for 2021 Patios are being transformed and walls are being repainted in the latest colors, but demand and safety concerns may cause the remodeling process takes much longer. MARKETWATCH PERSONAL FINANCE On Friday, the CDC released relaxed travel guidelines for vaccinated Americans, but several cruise lines have already introduced vaccine requirements for passengers. See the full story.