Reddit trading guru Keith Gill appears to have a $ 40 million portfolio after his GameStop bet

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GameStop stocks had a wild march, but this kitty is roaring louder than ever. Social media star Keith Gill, known by his social media nickname Roaring Kitty, posted another screenshot of his business portfolio on Reddit Wednesday afternoon that may show a massive position on GameStop Inc. GME, + 1.73 %, with almost $ 19 million in shares, $ 8.9 million in options and $ 11.9 million in cash.

The screenshot, which MarketWatch cannot verify, fits with Gill’s habit of posting updates to his account on the Reddit board r / wallstreetbets, where he uses the alias u / deepfuckingvalue. Gill was a licensed broker at MassMutual until the end of January and since joining GameStop in June 2019, for what he claims was a $ 50,000 bet, his screenshots show mind-blowing growth to a position many have viewed as the catalyst behind the rise in GameStop and other meme actions. Gill was brought before Congress in February to testify about his role in the manic Reddit Rally that sent GameStop shares soaring more than 1,600% to nearly $ 350 a share in January and posted a screenshot the day after the hearing. which reveals a position totaling just over $ 17. million. If Gill’s screenshots can be taken at face value, he has made $ 25.2 million on his investment in GameStop with a gain of more than 938%. GameStop shares were up nearly 2.5% at noon Thursday.