NFL and Clubhouse audio platform agree to content agreement for NFL draft

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The National Football League and the audio-only social media platform Clubhouse have agreed to a content agreement focused on the 2021 NFL draft. Both the NFL and the Clubhouse announced that the agreement will include draft-themed rooms for players to use. Fans discuss draft drills and player picks within the lobbies.

Clubhouse is an invitation-only application where users can join rooms to participate, or simply be an audience member, and rooms can have as few as two people or up to a few thousand. In Clubhouse there are no posts, photos or videos, and no DMs to swipe. It’s just a profile picture and a voice. “The NFL’s commitment to innovation is matched only by its devotion to its fans and we are proud to welcome the NFL to the Clubhouse,” said Sean Brown, Director of Athletic Associations at Clubhouse in a statement. “The Draft is one of the biggest events of the year for soccer fans, and we know that millions of creators will discuss, debate and celebrate throughout the week.” The deal represents the first sports partnership for Clubhouse, something that specifically caters to Locker Room, the company’s audio-only rival, which Spotify SPOT recently bought, + 4.82%. The 2021 NFL draft begins Thursday, April 29. The NFL’s deal with Clubhouse comes as alleged No. 1 pick in the draft, Trevor Lawrence, signed an endorsement deal with crypto investment app Blockfolio. Lawrence will receive his agreement signing bonus entirely in cryptocurrency.