News and analysis for those planning or living in retirement

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From MarketWatch: Whether you’re 55 or 25, do this to secure your future Social Security benefits: To see your estimated future benefits, start strategizing on how to claim and protect yourself against fraud, try this. Leaving your home to a loved one with almost no drama: Inheritances can get complicated, but they don’t have to be. Inherited $ 500K? Or $ 1 million? Here’s how to make that money act like a monthly pension: There are several ways Americans can invest inheritances; these are some possibilities.

Also on MarketWatch: Most people have no idea what they pay for their 5 steps 401 (k) to create a digital marketing strategy to start a business. I’m 68 years old, I earn $ 130,000, and I love eco-travel in Peru, Brazil, and Africa. I want to travel while I can, but I am afraid to stop working $ 100,000 in retirement savings for low-paid workers. It is possible There is a solution to the retirement crisis, but only on paper (so far) A revolutionary ‘gray army’ of older workers is fighting our youth-obsessed culture, and we will all benefit if they win A new law would require Employees to Save for Retirement How to Make Up for Lost Ground if You Started Late to Save for Retirement More Retirement News: How to Know If Your Retirement Savings Are on the Right Track (Wall Street Journal) The IRS Waives the Penalty for Withdrawals Retirement Plan in 2020 (Bay News 9) Unions Warn: Senate Bill Would Hand Over State Retirement System to ‘Wall Street Scammers’ (Florida Phoenix). ) Research and Knowledge: 6 ‘Retirement Killers’ to Avoid at All Costs (Kiplinger) 3 Ways to Turn $ 100,000 Into $ 1 Million for Retirement Savings (The Motley Fool) Retirement Savers in Their 40s they have this average balance. How do you compare? (USA Today) Connecticut Could Save Up to $ 900 Million As Retirement ‘Tsunami’ Approaches (The CT Mirror) What Research Can Tell Us About Retirement (Retirement Research Center at Boston College) For Share with your family, friends, and clients: How are older Americans spending their stimulus checks? This man became financially independent at age 36 and says the key to happiness is “owning your own time.” I am 54 years old, have substantial savings, and can live on $ 40,000 a year. Can I afford to retire? Watch Your Wallet – There Are Many Ways To Part Of Your Money Tips For Women In Their 40s And 50s – How To Find A Second Act And Live On Your Own COVID-19 Led To A Rise In Home Funerals – Here’s What ‘ re like Here are the 10 best places in the world to retire