Neera Tanden is out as Biden’s WBO nominee


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The White House will withdraw Neera Tanden’s nomination for director of the Office of Management and Budget, in the first significant personnel setback for the Biden administration. In a statement Tuesday night, President Joe Biden said he had accepted Tanden’s request to withdraw his name. “I have the utmost respect for his record of achievement,” Biden said, “and I look forward to serving him in a position in my administration.” It was not clear what that role could be.

Tanden had been criticized for using Twitter to criticize former President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers, and he has also criticized the liberal independent senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. Last week, Senator Joe Manchin, DW.Va., said he opposed his nomination. Without Manchin’s support, it would have needed at least one Republican senator to back it, which was unlikely. In a letter to Biden, Tanden said: “It has been a lifelong honor to be considered for this role and because of the faith placed in me.