Mortgage Rates Soar to Highest Level in Months, Democratic Lawmakers Call on IRS to Postpone Tax Filing Deadline

The OECD warns a second virus wave is as likely as not — here’s what that would do to the economic recovery

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Happy Friday MarketWatchers. Don’t miss out on these news highlights: Vaccine trials have underrepresented people of color for the past decade, with many not reporting demographic data, Pfizer and Moderna have released the number of minority enrollees in their COVID-19 vaccine trials. they will not get paid $ 15 an hour; They are not alone. ‘Why is it so difficult for America’s richest family to do what it should have done years ago and raise the base salary for all Walmart associates to $ 15 / hour? ‘a questioned worker.

The weekend reads: How to Counter Rising Inflation Also, Texas and its power outage, and an in-depth look at marijuana stocks. See inside actor Adam Pally’s $ 4.1 million apartment in New York, “Happy Endings” star Adam Pally is looking for a satisfying conclusion to putting his New York City home on the market. The five-bedroom abode with panoramic views is available for $ 4,095,000. Mortgage Rates Soar to Highest in Months Amid Inflation Concerns “The market outlook seems to suggest that the days of historic low rates may be a thing of the past.” friends married on a road trip only paid a contribution for gas money. Is this the cheapest couple in America? “This doesn’t seem fair to me, but we didn’t discuss how the division would work before the trip.” The IRS should postpone the tax filing deadline to avoid “taxpayer anxiety,” Democratic lawmakers say that tax season started a little later. year, and some advocates worry that low-income taxpayers in particular may suffer. I pay rent to my boyfriend and help run his real estate business. He accepts my commissions and does not talk about marriage. What I can do? “ Six months ago, I was very frustrated and did some spreadsheets: one documenting the rent I paid for the last 10 years, another for all the unpaid labor. ” Amid water shortages and power outages, Texans mourn the $ 1,000 price hike for bottled water, gas, and hotel rooms. Increasing prices on necessities during a declared emergency in Texas is illegal with fines of up to $ 250,000. 3 out of 4 Americans admit they are ‘hibernating’ or ‘sheltering at work’ right now A new survey finds that those lucky enough to have jobs have no intention of leaving anytime soon. Elsewhere on MarketWatchBiden says he’s willing to make his $ 1.9 trillion aid plan ‘cheaper’, President Joe Biden comments during a visit to a Pfizer plant in the changing state of Michigan that is producing the drug manufacturer’s COVID-19 vaccine. minimizes risks to the economy from excessive fiscal stimulus or high asset prices On Friday, New York Fed Chairman John Williams dismissed concerns that the economic recovery could be derailed by high asset prices. assets or excessive fiscal stimulus from Washington. Big Tech is swallowing the rest of Silicon Valley Silicon Valley’s growing descent into wealth inequality is particularly stark when Big Tech is compared to small businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. ‘I Like Stocks’ and ‘I’m Not a Cat‘ – Watch GameStop Hearing Highlights On Thursday, the House Financial Services Committee convened major players in the rapid rise and collapse of stocks. Shares of GameStop as it highlighted some issues Aspects of the structure of the US equity market Bitcoin’s market value surpasses $ 1 trillion for the first time as the price of cryptocurrencies skyrockets La The world’s number one cryptocurrency hit a record on Friday, propelling it to a market value of over $ 1 trillion for the first time in history.