Millions of Americans who were unemployed last year face another shock: a 2020 tax bill they can’t pay, and Schumer says the White House is “ extremely open ” to canceling student loan debt.

The OECD warns a second virus wave is as likely as not — here’s what that would do to the economic recovery

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Hello MarketWatchers. Don’t Miss These Featured Stories: Personal Finance ‘I Was Dumped After 40 Years Of Marriage’: Can My Ex-Husband File Joint Tax Return Without My Consent? He tried to take my two stimulus checks ‘He told me directly that he does not intend to give me any of our joint tax returns, because he said I am no longer working’ My ex-husband signed a contract with our son saying that he would only pay for his education if you get C or better. That contradicts our divorce agreement. ‘We included in our agreement an agreement for each of us to pay $ 10,000 per year for our son’s college education. Our son is in college and is now 20 years old. ‘

Millions of Americans who were unemployed last year face another shock: a 2020 tax law they can’t afford A new law wants to block federal income taxes on the first $ 10,200 a person received in unemployment benefits last year Golf legend Greg Norman is looking for a buyer for his $ 60 million resort on Jupiter Island Golf legend Greg Norman is leaning towards the sale of his former property on exclusive Jupiter Island Why Home Markets vacation booming in Alabama and New Hampshire? In the wake of the pandemic, they have shifted their search for vacation homes from flashy hot spots to remote areas. Call it extreme social distancing. White House is ‘extremely open’ to canceling student loan debt, Schumer says ‘canceling student loan debt is the most effective executive action President Biden can take to jump-start this economy,’ said Sen Elizabeth Warren said 3 ways Jeff Bezos’ tenure at Amazon helped and hurt American workers and consumers 72% of consumers said they expected more from other retailers because of Amazon, a survey showed. Financial stress is pushing more Americans to move as the pandemic progresses on The proportion of people who have moved because of the pandemic continues to rise, but their reasons for doing so have changed in recent months. Is it better now than a year ago? Only 35% of Americans say yes. It’s the worst assessment of financial well-being since 2014, according to Gallup. Community colleges and their students were already vulnerable. Then the pandemic struck. Enrollment in community colleges generally increases during a recession. Elsewhere on MarketWatch, Yellen meets with regulators on GameStop volatility and vows to protect investors Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called a meeting Thursday with the country’s top regulators, who continue to discuss whether the Recent volatility in “meme stocks” and popular brokers The answer “is consistent with investor protection and fair and efficient markets,” according to a statement from the Treasury Department. Why ‘Buy American’ is not doing enough for the economy and national security Domestic manufacturing is lacking in critical areas and production should be returned to the US from overseas. Biden Says ‘America Is Back’, Pledges To Confront China On Economy In First Foreign Policy Address As President President Biden Reaffirmed America’s Commitment To The World On Thursday, Saying “Diplomacy Is Back” in his first foreign policy speech as commander-in-chief. As COVID-19 vaccine doses reach 10 million, the UK is cautiously watching pandemic numbers spike.Hospital admissions and deaths have declined across the UK, England’s chief medical officer said on Wednesday. , Chris Whitty. Child poverty is three times more common than we thought One third of households with one child had low net worth in 2019, three times more than those with low incomes From vaccines to shots to the moon, governments can succeed if they focus on accomplishing the mission A mission-oriented approach is not about government ‘picking winners,’ but about choosing directions for change that require investment and innovation in many sectors.