Market-sensitive job data was not lost or corrupted in the SolarWinds hack, Scalia says

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WASHINGTON – The statistical arm of the Department of Labor, which prepares the jobs report and other market-sensitive information about the American economy, was breached in the SolarWinds attack, but the data was not lost or corrupted, Labor Secretary Eugene said. Scalia. The rape was a “serious episode,” Scalia said in an interview. He added that the intrusion was isolated and that the hack did not affect the data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics or spread to other agencies within the department.

“The public can have complete confidence in the data that BLS has,” he said. He added that the department determined that none of the office’s data was “exfiltrated” or transferred from the office’s systems. “No data was lost or corrupted,” Scalia said. US officials and cybersecurity experts have characterized the attack as a cyber espionage campaign, not with the intent to damage computer systems. An expanded version of this article appears on Popular Stories: