IRS delays tax filing deadline for Texans recovering from winter storm


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Texans have more time to file their taxes this year, the Internal Revenue Service said Monday, in an attempt to give Lone Star state residents more time to reclaim their financial lives after a devastating winter storm approximately one week. All Texas residents now have a June 15 deadline to file their 2020 income taxes and pay federal taxes owed, the IRS said. This extension of the deadline also applies to taxpayers who have a business in the disaster area, the IRS said, noting that this also delays the March 15 business tax filing deadline.

The rest of the country has an April 15 deadline, although some lawmakers want to change that. There may be scenarios where someone qualifies for the same deadline extension even if they don’t live in Texas, explained IRS spokesman Eric Smith. For example, if a business is located in Texas but the business owner is elsewhere, it may qualify, he said. Another example would be if someone else needs important tax records found in Texas, but those records are being withheld due to disaster recovery. The IRS says it will work with taxpayers outside of the disaster area, but that they might need some form of filing relief. These people should call the IRS at 1-866-562-5227. For people in the disaster area, the IRS said it will automatically arrange the filing and relief of fines. The vent is good news for Texans, but it is not a new type of housing. For example, the IRS has previously delayed deadlines for people affected by hurricanes. Last year, the IRS delayed the filing deadline to July 15 for everyone due to the pandemic. The IRS should also extend the filing deadline this year, a group of Democratic lawmakers said last week. Although the demand for free tax preparation is high, many sites are physically closed due to the pandemic. That puts low-income taxpayers with little English proficiency and taxpayers with less digital access at a particular disadvantage, they say. Taxpayers in Texas and everyone else can request extensions to file their returns before October 15.