If I were president … From climate change to hunger, celebrities state their priorities By Reuters

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(Reuters) – As Democrat Joe Biden prepares for his inauguration as the next US president on January 20, Reuters asked celebrities what would be the first thing they would do if they were elected as the world leader. Their responses ranged from a focus on climate change to health care and social justice. Below is a selection of his responses, which have been edited for length and clarity: American actor George Clooney: “Get as many rapid (coronavirus) tests as possible that are incredibly accurate so that tomorrow, within the next few six weeks, you could put something up your nose like a pregnancy test. If it turns green, you can go to school or go to a concert or go, whatever, go to the supermarket. And if it turns red, you go home … “So you have to deal with all the things that we are faced with in the middle of all this, which is racial equality … If COVID wasn’t the main story, that would have been our main story of the year, for course. . And I think we could also look at gun violence. “Chinese-American cellist Yo-Yo Ma:” I would take all necessary steps to make sure that all the people in my country are safe. “American actor Jamie Foxx : “After the party but with masks! Great celebration of fair life and humanity, but what we really, really must do is control this pandemic and respect it. And what I was saying to people, I was saying: ‘You know we talk about God, you know we talk about Jesus, but I think Mother Nature is trying to tell us something, that you are not bigger than the universe and you have to respect what is happening and what is happening. ‘”American actor Kevin Bacon:” The first thing I would do as president is listen to science, and that’s a good place to start. “American singer Josh Groban:” be a kind of neck and neck of social justice and save the planet from itself. I think those are the two most pressing issues of my time. “American actress Leslie Odom Jr:” I would probably try to find a way for everyone to get medical care. “Valentine’s Day should be a holiday.” American musician Will.I.Am: “Zoning, that’s what I would look at … I think this is a recipe for disaster to have this type of zoning in urban communities where there are liquor stores next to check cashing, next door From bad food, next to motels, next to schools that are next to strip clubs. This is a very bad cocktail. ” American singer LeAnn Rimes: “I would tackle hunger and end poverty in this country because it is very sad, sad to see it. I know a lot of people are struggling right now.” Anglo-American filmmaker and actor Alex Winter: “Climate change, first and foremost, would be an integral part of tackling a better response to the pandemic and Medicare (US government health insurance) for everyone.” American actress Tessa Thompson: “Making sure people have access to health care. I think making sure we don’t stop people, separating children from their families.” British-Nigerian actor David Oyelowo: “I really put climate change at the top of the agenda. I think the pandemic is a precursor to some of what awaits us if we don’t really take care of this planet.” American actress Judy Greer: “Before the pandemic, before all this (when) the world was falling apart, I’d say I always wanted everyone to be a waitress for a month.”