How to Make Black History Month a Lifelong Effort to Learn and Evolve and GameStop Drama Fuels Interest in Financial Education

The OECD warns a second virus wave is as likely as not — here’s what that would do to the economic recovery

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Good night, MarketWatchers. Here are today’s top stories: Personal Finance Don’t Miss This: Texas Attorney Makes a Hilarious Zoom Mistake by Keeping the Kitty Filter on ‘I’m Here Live’. I’m not a cat, ‘attorney Rod Ponton told the virtual court when he was unable to remove the cat filter. Take a look inside Kevin James’ $ 14 million oceanfront mansion in Delray Beach. Nice enough for a “mall cop.” Actor Kevin James bought an oceanfront property in Delray Beach, FL, for $ 14 million.

Real estate is your sex now’: SNL sketch cuts through people’s obsession with Zillow: 3 reasons millennials can’t stop scrolling This is the real reason so many people imagine scrolling through listings of real estate online these days. to the coronavirus? May be eligible for funeral expense reimbursements Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told New Yorkers Monday that they could expect to receive up to $ 7,000 from FEMA for incurred funeral expenses. These borrowers plan a ‘debt strike’ to pressure Biden to pay off student debt If Biden and the Department of Education don’t pay off student debt in the first 100 days, the Debt Collective has plans to step up its Bell. ‘Losing money is not a joke’ – GameStop drama fuels interest in finance literacy: The biggest takeout of all GameStop stocks hit a high of $ 483 on January 28. They closed at $ 60 on Monday. ‘Economic justice is inextricably linked to racial justice’: How to make Black History Month a lifelong effort to learn and evolve ‘The month is an expression of black autonomy and reinforces that Black History is the United States history’. Solve the Problem ‘: Democrats introduce ambitious child care tax credit, but will it be enough? Democrats unveiled an expansion of the Child Tax Credit this week. African Americans are more likely to travel further to receive COVID-19 vaccines. ‘It‘s only increasing the likelihood that someone will not be vaccinated.’ Elsewhere on MarketWatch, Trump‘s second impeachment trial begins. Out with siege video, 56-44 votes in favor of its constitutionality The second impeachment for former President Donald Trump begins Tuesday with a focus on dramatic images and the constitutionality of the proceedings. Schumer vows impeachment will not slow down the coronavirus package Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Democrats will not allow the impeachment of former President Donald Trump to slow the momentum of the massive new economic aid package for the coronavirus How to nearly eliminate the tragedy of child poverty, while also boosting the economy A social security program for children could dramatically reduce child poverty in the United States, as Social Security has done for poverty of the elderly. Biden and Yellen discuss a $ 1.9 trillion COVID relief plan with JPMorgan, Walmart, Gap CEO Joe Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will meet Tuesday with a handful of top US executives to discuss the proposed $ 1.9 trillion COVID relief plan through Congress.