How NFT Games Will Transform The Market And Upcoming DailyCoin Releases


How NFT Games will transform the market and upcoming releases

The Potential of NFTs NFT is the first blockchain technology to have mass market use cases outside of cryptocurrencies and will have little to no dependency on the success of other cryptocurrencies. This is because NFTs have critical software applications. After all, they are going to explode even if Bitcoin dropped to zero. One of its most important applications is games. Games are growing exponentially, and will only grow as virtual reality and virtual reality platforms enter the market. The nature of games is also evolving rapidly, and people want a deeper and more interactive experience. The future of video games sees gamers integrating their favorite games into their own lives. NFTs allow the assets stored in the blockchain to belong to the players, and the fairness and transparency of the mechanisms of the game are encrypted. By playing a game that generates returns in NFT, players would invest their time in valuable products and generate constant income. This potential is only being tapped by fringe markets right now, but mass adoption is fast approaching, driven by new technologies. When games are based on virtual reality, people can feel that they belong to a whole new world, but NFTs will allow players to feel that the game world belongs to them. There is a great need to define and authenticate property in virtual reality worlds because players will be more attached to their belongings when they can see and touch the artificial world around them. Most of today’s games are not based on virtual reality and their assets can be copied and altered without definite ownership or actual authorship. Blockchain integration can solve this problem by using NFT technology to define authors or owners, and assets can be turned into unique identifiable products. Exciting Upcoming NFT Games of the Week Aavegotchi Launch Announced for March 2 The Aavegotchi Launch was announced this week. The highly anticipated NFT game, which plans to leverage DeFi Aave’s key protocol, will release 10,000 NFTs to the public. The release is called “Haunt One”. Users will need one of the NFTs, labeled Aavegotchi Portals, to get their hands on an “Aavegotchi fren”. Aavegotchi frens are pet collectibles like the classic ’90s Tamagotchis toy. The game runs on Polygon, the Layer 2 solution formerly known as Matic, and NFT portals can be purchased using $ GHST, Aavegotchi’s native token. . When a user opens the portal, they also mint 10 Aavegotchi characters. The user must convert the Aave tokens and bet them as collateral to summon one of the Aavegotchis. The rarity of each collectible is based on certain traits, and players can level up their $ Aavegotchis by adding wearables and participating in an activity called “Rarity Farming.” An Aavegotchi shop will also be available on March 2, offering in-game items, power-ups, and a secondary market to trade in rare Aavegotchis. Each portal will cost 100 GHST, or around $ 130. Cometh partners with DontBuyMEME and Aavegotchi Cometh is a DeFi powered game with performance generation NFT in which you can get spaceships, explore the galaxy and earn tokens. Cometh offers a multiplayer game where players can choose to collaborate or not. The game is looking to expand its Ethereum-based NFT integration to offer cheap mutualized DeFi services. The mechanics are based on spaceships competing to mine asteroid tiles. The MUST token fuels the Cometh economy.When idle, the MUST allows players to earn new game assets, and the game mechanics are priced at MUST. NFT buyers can claim a refund in MUST while sales revenue is distributed in-game via mineable comets filled with tokens. Asteroids shown in-game are smart contracts that can contain any type of token, including ERC20 and NFT. To get the tokens out of the asteroids, players must prove to the smart contract that they have a spaceship within mining range. Right now, we are in a balancing phase of the game; During the first few weeks, a total of ~ 50,000 USDT worth of tokens is released on the asteroid for players to mine (~ 6,000 in launch week, then ~ 12,000 and ~ 12,000 again, ~ 20,000 finally) and the developers calibrate the mechanisms. Asteroids are also used as cross pollination between communities that collaborate with Cometh. For example, there is an impressive collection of spaceships that was made with DontBuyMEME. Cometh has many similar collaborations on the way. Cometh’s collaboration with Aavegotchi and the $ GHST token are now available. Developers realized that creating real wealth was very exciting for gamers, and in the last few months, more and more games with performance-generating mechanics have appeared. Continue reading on DailyCoin