Goldman Sachs says the S&P 500 will rise 14% in 2021. Here’s the roadmap

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MARKETWATCH HOME PAGE With global markets rallying in hopes that massive economic stimulus will accompany the new administration of President-elect Joe Biden, Goldman Sachs’ projection that the S&P 500 will end 2021 at 4,300 points seems even more realistic. See the full story I am pregnant, I just lost my job due to COVID, and I have $ 15,000 in a 401 (k) plan, can my husband and I ever retire? Do you have any questions about retirement, including where to live? Email us at See the full story.

What could Trump lose by being impeached and removed? Much. What could Trump lose if he does not complete his term? Possibly a lot, depending on how and when you go. While the removal of a president due to impeachment has never happened and would raise unprecedented legal questions, here are answers to some questions about what could happen. This US state has the most cities with the highest paying jobs, with a large catch US News and World Report released the list this week after reviewing salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. See the full story. I am buying a house, but both realtors are from the same brokerage. Should I be worry? Is that like a double dip? Can you trust your own broker? See the full story MARKETWATCH PERSONAL FINANCE ‘What happens in colleges can have an impact on the community outside the gates of campus.’ See the full story.