‘Frikik’ the queen of Turkey – rescued by celebrity friends

<p>Hülya Avsar revealed some seasonal cellulite, but was ‘rescued’ by friends …

Starting with Gözcü Gazetesi on March 27, the mainstream Turkish newspapers had a field day reporting “Hülya Avsar’s first Frikik” (which has become an annual spring site) at a recent exhibition tennis match. After Gözcü came Takvim Gazetesi – whose journalists consulted no less than five of Turkey’s greatest female celebrities before presenting her own two-part perspective, the next day.

Takvim’s front page teaser headline blared: “She has the courage to show reality!”

Its subtitle admired, “Hülya Avsar did not hide her cellulite – and she has received full support from peers for her bravery. Hülya Hanim has broken a taboo by openly showing her cellulite, which is every woman’s worst nightmare.”

The rose continued in the newspaper’s ‘Page-Two Special’ with its headlines announcing “Support for Hülya Avsar!”

Under the headline, we learned that camera footage (taken at a TED Club tennis exhibition match in Istanbul) revealed Hülya Avsar’s cellulite problem – and it caused a whole public outcry. Supermodel Deniz Akkaya (shown on the Magazine Mahkeme TV show) had commented quickly on seeing the cellulite pictures. “Time is merciless,” she had simply. And at that time, 4 other female celebrities jumped to Hülya Hanim’s defense.

The 4 big Turkish celebs had this to say:

Sibel Can (Actress, singer, dancerNothing can bother a name as famous as ‘Hülya Avsar’. And yet, what’s the big deal? She does not live as a character model. She has had a remarkable career for the past 25 years and she is still at the top of the pile. There are not many who can say that.

Ebru Salli (Model, spokesmanNo matter what anyone says, Hülya Avsar is a very beautiful woman. I’m sure she’s solving the cellulite problem with sports activity in a very short amount of time. Cellulite is every woman’s misery.

Ipek Tuzcuoglu (Actress): Hülya Avsar has been photographed from all possible angles for years – because she’s in the show business. She does not consider these cellulite images to be earth-shattering. And it’s a demonstration of her confidence.

Seren Serengil (Singer): The lighting may have been to blame. Pictures taken when the sun is high turn us differently than when it is low. I saw Hülya a week ago at a swimming pool — and her body is far better than many 20-year-old girls.

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