Does Tesla’s $ 1.5 Billion Bitcoin Buy Smart Corporate Finance? Experts say

The OECD warns a second virus wave is as likely as not — here’s what that would do to the economic recovery

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MARKETWATCH HOME PAGE Analysts and investors debate whether Tesla’s bitcoin tactic is a smart move, particularly given the sharp swings in the price of the cryptocurrency and the company’s own stock. See the full story. Watch: Norway and Ford Respond to Will Ferrell’s GM Super Bowl Ad. A couple of funny videos try to steal the buzz from GM’s EV Challenge. See the full story. Zillow: 3 Reasons Millennials Can’t Stop Scrolling Here’s the real reason so many people imagine scrolling through real estate listings online these days. See the full story.

The stock market is echoing 2009-10, and that means a pullback could be near, analysts warn. The financial crisis. The Robinhood-GameStop saga could put the spotlight on DC, Wall Street‘s revolving door as the financial services industry prepares for congressional scrutiny following public outcry related to online broker Robinhood’s decision to restrict trading in GameStop Inc. and other stocks, the perception of a welcoming relationship between financial regulators and industry could come to the fore again. See the full story.MARKETWATCH PERSONAL FINANCE Monday’s Top Personal Finance Stories See the full story.