Disney fan complains that Walt Disney World is waking up too much and new home sales exceed expectations as builders compete to meet demand

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Happy Friday MarketWatchers.

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We are almost done with our money challenge! Next week we will focus on taking action to reach our money goals. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and keep an eye out for the new challenges on Monday. In the meantime, don’t miss out on these news highlights.

60% of Americans want the police to be more responsible for mistreating blacks, according to a new survey Concerns about how the criminal justice system treats black Americans and other minorities remains greater than in previous years. Read more ‘Disability is still left out’: a Google executive on how to boost representation of people with disabilities and bring them to top management ‘My hearing loss is my superpower, but I had a hard time acknowledging that,’ says KR Liu. Read More Newest Status Symbol for High Net Worth Homeowners? Trophy trees. Landscape architects dealing with big names said they are seeing nondisclosure agreements hit their desks like never before as the super-rich seek privacy in their horticultural endeavors. A Disney fan complains that Walt Disney World is getting too ‘awake’ – this is what has changed at the park and why changes to the dress code for Disney employees and new versions of popular attractions They, including Splash Mountain, have something in common. Read moreDo you want to buy a vineyard? “Do it out of passion”, not the economy One of the main takeaways from the pandemic is that life as we know it is not guaranteed. That led to a rebound in reconnecting with the great outdoors, pursuing passions and not postponing dreams. Leaving city life and moving to a vineyard to work in the wine industry represents all of that. Read More Weekend reads: How Berkshire Hathaway Can Thrive Even Without Warren Buffett Plus, Microsoft and Netflix, Avoiding Taxes and Bitcoin Confusion. Read more My husband and I bought a $ 387,000 building with my parents. We sold it for almost $ 1 million. We take care of that. Do we still divide it 50-50? “My parents put 50% in cash and my husband and I financed half. We paid $ 18,000 to my parents. I estimate I did a job worth $ 100,000 ‘Read more Sprains, sprains and pinches of nerves: Injuries at home are on the rise For more than a year, some of us have been working in makeshift offices, hunched over computers in beds , floors or coffee tables. Trapped at home, we’ve taken on projects and been climbing stairs, painting walls, and using tools that once collected dust in the basement. Some of us stop exercising altogether or jump into fitness routines without proper preparation. Bette Midler Qualifies as a $ 50 Million Buyer in the Manhattan Penthouse Bette Midler really has the wind under her wings now, and she’s flying high! Read More New Home Sales Exceed Expectations as Builders Compete to Meet Demand. Americans bought new homes at the fastest rate since 2006 in March. read more