Coronavirus 2020: 9 Important Companies That May Surprise You

<p>As the coronavirus 2020 outbreak continues, many states only allow important companies to continue their business, but what exactly is an important business? The answer may surprise you.

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There are some companies that are obviously essential. It includes things like grocery stores and pharmacies. It is also worth noting that restaurants are also considered important businesses because they provide people with food. It should come as no surprise that gas stations are also making the cut.

Then there are other important companies that may come as a surprise. Check out the following gallery to see what counts as an essential business when coronavirus from China spreads. Do not forget that these vary from state to state.

Important companies in Coronavirus 2020 – liquor stores

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Buying alcohol during the coronavirus pandemic may not seem like a necessity to some, but it is the case according to some states that have shut down. It includes Illinois, Colorado and others.

Key companies in Coronavirus 2020 – Marijuana Dispensaries

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On the same note, marijuana pharmacies may also be open during the outbreak. This allows them to sell marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. States that allow this include Alaska, Illinois and Colorado.

Coronavirus 2020 Essential Businesses – Gun Shops

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The list of strange important companies continues with gun shops. It is worth noting that these are not considered necessary in all locked states, but Illinois, Ohio and Texas leaders seem to believe so.

Coronavirus 2020 Essential Businesses – Autobutiker

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Allowing car shops to stay open during the coronavirus outbreak ensures that people who have to work can still get repairs done to their cars. It includes many states that allow parts and workshops to continue their operations.

Coronavirus 2020 Essential Businesses – Bicycle Business

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New York and New Jersey continue to let bike shops run during the coronavirus outbreak. They were not originally supposed to do so, but residents complained that cycling was an important means of transport to avoid the virus.

Coronavirus 2020 Important companies – Construction companies

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This is another case that varies by state, but construction companies are still working during the outbreak. Some employees have stated that they are not necessary, but that does not mean that the work stops.

Coronavirus 2020 Essential Businesses – Convenience Stores

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Some of the home orders make it possible for convenience stores to continue working during the outbreak. This has resulted in some store owners themselves deciding if they are considered essential, such as a flower shop in North Carolina that keeps its doors open.

Coronavirus 2020 Important companies – Golf courses

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The vague wording of close orders means that many companies can stay open. Golf courses in Ohio are an excellent example of this and they are seeing an increase in customers during the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus 2020 Essential Businesses – Craft Stores

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Anyone who still wants to buy crafts can do so during the outbreak. This is because companies like Micheals and Jo-Ann still function as important stores. However, it is only in some states because others are stricter with their suspension orders.

These are far from the only surprisingly important companies that are open during the coronavirus 2020 spread. The lack of clear orders means that many stores can be open, while others close. This may change if the spread of the virus gets worse in the coming months.

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