Buy These 3 Stocks Of Batteries To Play The Electric Vehicle Party, But Stay Away From This Company, Says UBS

The OECD warns a second virus wave is as likely as not — here’s what that would do to the economic recovery

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MARKETWATCH HOME PAGE Despite the recent selloff of EV stocks like Tesla and Nio, there is still great investor interest in the sector, with demand for EVs expected to increase dramatically in the coming decades. See the full story The hopeful news for Social Security buried in the $ 1.9 trillion bailout The pension bailout is hard to justify for any reason other than compassion See the full story

Investors may have a ‘buy’ signal, as these big tech stocks have fallen as much as 32% in just three weeks. Now could be a “golden opportunity” to own the “secular technology winners” for the next 12 to 18 months, according to Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives. After an unseemly stampede, the Nasdaq Composite may be near the end of its Mark Hulbert correction in a counter analysis of sentiment among stock market timekeepers. See full story Is housing a luxury? Here’s what the K-shaped recovery means for real estate A K-shaped recovery from the COVID-induced recession could be accompanied by an increasingly uneven housing market. MARKETWATCH PERSONAL FINANCE Amanda Gorman, the nation’s first youth poet laureate to rise to fame after her lecture at President Biden‘s inauguration, said a security guard “followed” her and said “you look suspicious” as she walked To her. own home on Friday night. See the full story.