Boeing News: BA share leads 30% higher on Senate agreement

<p>Boeing (NYSE: BA) news for Wednesday about a financing agreement from the US Senate increases the BA share.

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The US Senate has negotiated an agreement that will enable it to provide assistance to people and companies suffering from coronavirus from China. It seems that the legislators are finally reaching an agreement that will be voted on later today.

If this Senate agreement goes through, it would be good Boeing news for the company. This is due to the $ 500 billion set aside for loans to coronavirus-affected companies. Boeing and airlines have definitely felt the negative effects of the virus as the journey sinks.

This Boeing news means that the company will be able to keep its employees paid when it handles the new coronavirus. It is unclear how much of the funding it will receive, but BA says it needs at least $ 60 billion for things to work smoothly, reports The

The Senate agreement with coronavirus is not the only positive Boeing news for Wednesday. It also looks like the company is approaching the start of production of its 737 Max jet again.

The company is still tasked with starting production again in the early summer, which may start restarting in May. This comes when the company is preparing for the aircraft to be used again in commercial flights again. They were buried in March 2019 after fatal crashes, says Investors Business Daily.

The BA share increased by 30.25% as of Wednesday afternoon.

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