“Big Short” merchant Michael Burry quits Twitter, disappointing his legion of retail superfans

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The doctor is out. Investor Michael Burry may have deleted his entire Twitter account on Tuesday, a move that comes just weeks after the famous short seller told his followers that his tweets about GameStop Corp. GME, -1.31% and other market trends had prompted a visit from the National Securities Market Commission.

The webpage for the @michaeljburry account that used to show Burry’s reflections on the dangers of Bitcoin and the bubble around the current retail wave now displays a message that says, “This account does not exist.” Burry, the fickle former hedge fund manager who shorted the housing market before the 2008 crash and was played by Christian Bale in the 2015 film “The Big Short,” has become a totemic actor in the Reddit Rally movement. you’ve seen a retail selloff. traders on social media and free trading apps push prices for so-called “meme stocks” like GameStop and AMC Entertainment AMC, -3.86%. Burry arrived early to the GameStop party, held a sizable position at the video game retailer in 2019 and pushed for changes to boost the moribund company’s finances. For retailers on social media, that has caused Burry, who has a medical license in California and prefers to be called “Dr. Burry, ”a godfather of what they see as a revolutionary little squeeze against the hedge funds that have been manipulating the markets. The frank nature of Burry’s account fit naturally with the open crowd on Reddit, who quickly got into the habit of referring to him as “Dr. Burry, ”and made a game of reading deeper meanings in everything from the writing of Burry’s tweets to the selection of books on his bookshelf to his Twitter photos. Tuesday’s disappearance did not sit well with Burry’s fanbase on social media, who were quick to speculate that Burry was kicked off Twitter by the SEC after Burry previously said the regulator had visited him. The SEC had no immediate comment Tuesday afternoon. But while Burry has been a hero to the meme stock set, it has also been very clear that he is short on Tesla Motors Inc. TSLA, + 0.08% and was frank in recent weeks that he sees the retail craze as a bubble that reminds him of the mortgage crisis that made him a household name on Wall Street. However, that hasn’t affected the ardor for Burry’s iconoclastic place in the retail business movement. “My cat kept listening very carefully to Dr. Burry,” another Reddit user posted, attaching a picture of what appears to be his cat watching a YouTube video of Burry giving a lecture. Even if you delete your Twitter! Meooooow! ”