Biden to ask for checks for $ 1,400 and more funding for vaccines in Thursday’s speech

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MARKETWATCH HOME PAGE President-elect Joe Biden will unveil his coronavirus relief plan Thursday night, a radical measure expected to include cash payments to Americans and money to distribute COVID-19 vaccines. See the full story. I don’t know if my 3 year old daughter is going to college, so would saving through my retirement account be more flexible than starting a 529 plan? I am a teacher with a guaranteed pension and I also have a 403 (b) account. See the full story.

What could Trump lose by being impeached and removed? Much. What could Trump lose if he does not complete his term? Possibly a lot, depending on how and when you go. While the removal of a president due to impeachment has never happened and would raise unprecedented legal questions, here are answers to some questions about what could happen. See the full story. ‘Recognizing’ ahead? Why Investors Continue to Ignore US “Emerging Market” -style Politics Investors continue to look beyond political risk increasingly in the style of US emerging markets, analysts say. This US state has the most cities with the highest paying jobs, with a large catch US News and World Report released the list this week after reviewing salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. See the full story. MARKETWATCH PERSONAL FINANCE Thursday’s Top Personal Finance Stories See the full story.