All-in-one crypto trading platform Atani adds $ 6.25M in seed capital by CoinQuora


All-in-one crypto trading platform Atani adds $ 6.25M in seed capital

Europe’s leading venture capital firms and crypto entrepreneurs are backing Madrid-based startup Atani with fresh capital to fund its ambitious roadmap. Atani intends to use funds to implement new features and scale its unique trading ecosystem. Unique Proposal Solves Traders’ Problems and Excites Investors From the early days of cryptocurrency and up to the present, one of the persistent challenges hampering ecosystem adoption is the clunky user experience. For merchants in particular, the outlook has been somewhat sterile given the absence of a vertically integrated financial services platform that handles all activities under one roof. Disparate exchanges, analytics platforms, and digital wallets add a new layer of complexity to every process, often driving new investors away and leading to hefty fees. Additionally, many of these ecosystems lack the more sophisticated tools and features that professionals have come to expect from traditional financial services platforms. To bring greater clarity to the cryptocurrency investment environment, Atani brings together all the essential trading tools for free, hosted on an intuitive platform that puts the user experience at its heart. With a new round of capital helping to fuel the momentum of the organization, Atani has set out to create a freemium trading model and develop more advanced features such as API trading. Due to its unique position as a non-custodial cryptocurrency trading terminal that also brings together the trading tools of stock brokers in a crypto ecosystem, Atani has piqued investor interest over time since its initial pre-seed round. of $ 750,000. Now, downwind, the initial $ 6.25 million tranche raised from a consortium of investors will help the operation continue by adding more user-friendly tools to its growing ecosystem of services. Samuel Gil, a partner at JME Ventures, who was one of the main investors in the seed round, notes: “We believe that Atani is one of the few startups that really addresses the needs of cryptocurrency traders. Compared to traditional stock brokers, cryptocurrency trading platforms provide a very poor and fragmented user experience and lack the proper portfolio management and tax accounting tools. Atani effectively addresses those pain points. “Atani enables cryptocurrency investors and traders to trade on more than 20 exchanges without additional fees, take advantage of powerful real-time analysis tools, and even download tax reports for more than 30 countries. By adopting a Partnership model with 22 exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, OKEx and KuCoin, Atani users can compare fees and trade seamlessly. Paul Barroso, Co-Founder and CEO of Atani believes its unique technology solves common pain points of the current crypto trader : “We started investing in 2013 and have experienced first-hand the growing sophistication and fragmentation of the crypto market. The pains of interacting with different exchanges, managing multiple trading tools, or dealing with taxes led us to build Atani.” User API keys and funds remain safe even if hacked Almost all trading platforms are cloud-based, giving hackers the opportunity to access users’ digital wallets. Atani is a non-custodial desktop application, so it does not have access to funds or API keys of any user. Users connect their exchanges via their API keys, secured by military-grade AES-256 encryption, and never leave their devices. Giving users the option to store their API keys locally while still accessing their exchanges adds an additional layer of security and value to Atani. Its unique proposition to be a terminal to the world of cryptocurrencies, loaded with additional analysis and taxation features, will attract new and experienced investors around the world. This article was first published on Continue reading on CoinQuora