A second impeachment trial against Trump? How Stock Investors Weigh a Key Political Moment

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MARKETWATCH HOME PAGE As an unprecedented second impeachment of President Donald Trump looms Wednesday, market participants appear mostly unflappable but aware of what is shaping up to be a historic moment in American politics. House Prepares to Impeach President Trump in Historic Vote Donald Trump could become the first president in U.S. history to be indicted twice as the House of Republicans prepares to pass a charge of inciting an insurrection after the rampant invasion of the Capitol. Wednesday. See the full story.

The number one job in America pays $ 100,000 a year, and it’s not in Silicon Valley. Annual ‘best jobs’ rankings are based on salary, openings, work-life balance, and stress level. See full story My 30-year-old wasteful fiancee refused to sign a prenuptial agreement. Would it be wrong to secretly put my assets in a trust? This man writes: ‘I love her very much, but I am really worried.’ The US sees a record number of deaths in one day and experts fear a new variant could make activities such as air travel riskier The US set another grim milestone in the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday, when more than 4,400 COVID-19 patients died, most in a single day since the outbreak began, and experts said that as cases continue to accelerate, the worst is yet to come. See the full story MARKETWATCH PERSONAL FINANCE ‘Like everyone else, I hope the vaccine helps infection rates and more people can get back to work.’ See the full story.