A ‘monster pace’ for Tesla and 6 other predictions for a week of extraordinary earnings

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MARKETWATCH HOME PAGE Stocks are struggling to get their bearings at the start of the busiest week of earnings season. Futures on the downside scramble for direction ahead of busy earnings week, the Fed will meet stock index futures on Monday as investors look ahead to one of the busiest weeks of earnings season and a meeting. from Federal Reserve policy makers. See the full story.

Bitcoin bounces above $ 50,000 after a recent series of losses. Passing above the key $ 50,000 level, bitcoin surged on Monday. Why the Fed’s focus on those hardest hit by the pandemic matters to markets Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is putting the spotlight on the growing tent city near his Washington, DC office and the people most affected by the pandemic. Here’s why the pain felt on Main Street could matter a lot to Wall Street. See the full story What does a strong reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine mean? A doctor explains whether experiencing side effects from the Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J vaccine indicates how well your immune system is working. See the full story.MARKETWATCH PERSONAL FINANCE While some EVs offer a full set of cutting-edge safety features, others do not. And the price is not necessarily an indication. See the full story.